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The inspiration for this article is from three public spelling mistakes I saw recently in the same day. I found myself pondering these mistakes more than usual, because arguably they were only minor misdemeanours. Surely the only people to notice them would be people like me – you know, the word nerds, the spelling police – the people who take delight in finding a mistake and correcting it. So if we’re the only people to notice, does it really matter?

For those of you who caught “My Date with Adam Lambert” Thursday night, wasn’t it just thirty minutes of pure fun? The special may not have taught us anything new about the former “American Idol” star, it did show us yet again just how kind and generous the man is with his fans.

One great features for the BD-C5500 will most in all likelihood be the Internet@TV feature. This offers you streaming content product and downloadable apps along the lines of Netflix, BLOCKBUSTER, Facebook, YouTube, twitter video downloader online, Flickr, Pandora as well as various more. Firmware upgrade within your lasting will provide even a superb offer more content. This Blu-ray participant is Profile 2.0, so it may look after BD-Live content product found on Blu-ray Disc. providing you entry to on the internet product like film trailers, films scenes, chat rooms, reside commentary, trivia fixtures and so a superb offer more.

First, choose your keyword. Use keyword research software, or Google keyword external tool to find a keyword phrase with competition under 100,000 with normal search, or under 20,000 with the keyword in quotes.

No more waiting game. Instead of sitting around for three days waiting to call someone who interests you, pick up your mobile and text her. Ask her out, or thank him for the last date and ask when you’ll see each other again. If you wait too long, you might miss your opportunity to connect.

Your business had better to valuable to you. Otherwise why bother? But if no one else sees value in what you’re offering, why would they bother coming to you?

EzineArticles – Not typically thought of as a Social Marketing tool, but it always has been for me. Upload a piece of your content and it can get syndicated all over the Internet. Plus you can invite your readers to comment on your articles, thus creating further conversation and connection.

Another great way to do market research is to find out what people are searching for on Google. For free you can go to Google’s Keyword Tool. Just go to their homepage and type in “Google Keyword Tool” it will be the first result on the list. When you open it put in keywords that are relative to your business and see how many people each month have searched for your topic. You might be surprised what people are searching for.

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