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The children’s book, Molly and the Sword, tells of a young girl who, with the help of a mysterious horseman, overcomes obstacles on the road to success as a violinist. It has garnered rave reviews from music and education magazines. Here to talk about the book is author Robert Shlasko.

Fortunately yes. I dropped it off at a concert hall gift store in New York and it just spread out from there. It’s at the gift shops of Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center in Washington, the Boston Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony and so on all across the country.

So, that day, off we went to Target–and not only did we buy little white Fruit of the Looms just like Daddy’s, but also several packages of really, really cool Spider Man and Cars underwear. No three-year-old in his right mind would want to make a mess out of those. He put them on when we got home. We reminded him a few times to go to the bathroom, and that was that. I think he had all of one accident in the next couple of days. From then on, he was a Big Boy. Diapers were a thing of the past.

Absolutely. It often comes up in the context of having confidence in yourself. I tell of writers they’ve read who had the courage to go on even after receiving one rejection after another. Of course, that applies to musicians too.

However, high school proved not to be much more rewarding. My tenth grade English teacher returned to me a paper of mine marked “B,” saying, “This is the best paper in the class but I know you can do better.” She gave A’s to other students for their papers. My eleventh grade teacher told me that there was no such word as perpetrate. She guessed I must have meant perpetuate. In fact, I had meant perpetrate, and if she had bothered to look it up (I did) she would have seen that I’d used the term correctly.

Option one was a Preschool Near Me across the street from the elementary school. The day care looked like it would work out fine for our 4 year old, especiallly with their inclusion of martial art. But, this school had high rates and the director was impolite. She was abrupt and verging on irritating. This caused us to keep looking.

The studies illustrating that overparenting works against us and the development of our children. If good parenting is good for our children then uber parenting will build uber children. That makes as much sense as: if 2 tablespoons of medicine takes the pain away then 12 tablespoons will make it disappear forever.

And then we come to Five Canyons. This are was built my Centex. This area is even younger than Palomares Hills. They range from 14 to 8 years old. So these houses are really young and of top quality. The problem is with Five Canyons that they only offer Single Family Homes. Some of the homes are in the Gold Creek, Canyon Oaks, Abbeywood, Whispering Oaks and Creekside area. Another developmental area in Five Canyon are is Wildwood and it consists mostly of town houses. Also there is a new Montessori school that is being built in the Wildwood are. Also if I haven not mentioned the Independent School that is an elementary school is of great quality. Your children will be given the best education if they go into some of these schools.

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