Personal Protection And Self Defense

Pepper Spray allows you to defend yourself against attackers of any size. It provides you with a very effective means of quickly neutralizing an attacker giving you ample time to escape. Its effects are devastating to the attacker but are temporary and short lived, usually lasting about 20 minutes or so. These defensive sprays come in a wide variety of styles and many are even concealed in every day items such as cell phones and lipstick cases. Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states however some states and cities do have some restrictions so it’s always best to check with your local authorities.

You take water and tile and mix in poor balance and eyesight and you have an area primed for falls. Stepping into a tub is not a good idea for an elderly person so the first thing to look at is replacing the tub.

Imagine yourself lost in the woods and your cell phone is not getting a signal. Then you have to revert to yelling your head off for help. You’re in the forest, so how far do you think your voice travels? Not far!

14.When getting out of the car, always ‘turn and face’. This means step from the car and immediately face outward and towards the rear of the car. Following this basic rule means that you can gain a quick and thorough impression of the area around the car, and it ensures that you are not getting out with your back to the world as you get ready to lock the door. The other advantage is that you can deal with any potentially threatening situation much more effectively, as you are physically in a better stance and position.

If you are attacked, make a lot of noise. Many women and girls who are attacked become so frightened they forget to scream, which is strange, but true. Activate your personal alarm for women system.

Carry something that could be used as a weapon. Keys are an obvious choice, but aren’t actually that useful -an attacker would have to get pretty close to you before you could use them. An umbrella or even a purse can be used to hit someone. If you make yourself a difficult victim, you’re less likely to become a victim. Carry pepper spray and as soon as you feel uncomfortable, pull it out of your purse.

Often, our ordinary daily routines make us a target for criminal activity. Following these simple rules of personal safety can dramatically decrease the possibility of becoming a crime victim.

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