What’s The Best Network Marketing Opportunity?

I know even before we retired I was looking for a way to make some extra income on the Internet. We’re not ready to move to Florida, play golf or bridge, or sit in the rocking chair. Most of us still want to be productive and even bring in some income. And a lot of us dream of traveling as well. Some, like my husband find a great deal of satisfaction in volunteer work. But others want somethign else. I know this was true of me. We like a challenge, something to engage our minds, something to keep us active.

Constantly improve your writing skills. The number of your competitors are increasing by the minute. In order to stay on top of your game, you must exert conscious effort to get better at your craft. Write as often as you can, ask feedback from writing gurus, and take advantage of article writing seminars that are usually offered in the online arena.

Pay per click is a dangerous beast, be very careful. I’ve heard so many stories about friends losing lots of money fast doing Pay per click, so be careful. Do your research first and start slow, that is my tip for pay per click.

Having great content on your site is important but there are other factors that play into your rating. Incoming links from sites that already have good Google ratings will automatically boost your rating. You can go onto well ranked sites with forums or blogs and leave comments which include a link to your site. There are HQ Webinar Reviews tutorials that can give more good ideas to optimize your links for Google.

Using Foursquare, a cake shop in Preston did a deal that only became valid if enough customers appeared to trigger the swarm badge, which you get if you and 50 people check-in simultaneously.

If a user checked in enough times at a certain location, they’d win mayorship (a Foursquare term) of a local business and were sometimes entitled to free goods or discounts like free drinks.

It is vital to stick to your plan. This is where it goes wrong for many people. They are drawn to all the emails and websites they come across that promise easy riches, and quite innocently they end up “just having a quick look.” That “quick look” can often result in a total loss of focus on what they are supposed to be doing which results in less and less being accomplished until finally they begin to believe they had the wrong plan. Other opportunities can suddenly look as if THEY would have been the better one to work at! That’s the big problem that kills so many great ventures before they’ve even got off the ground!

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